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Our Story

Hunter Electric was established in the mid sixties as a commercial motor rewind facility. The corporations established an insight for the demand of motor rewinding for semi-hermetic air conditioning and refrigeration compressors. This insight led to the establishing of GFA Compressors, Inc. 1969.

In the following years GFA Compressors started remanufacturing commercial three phase air conditioning and refrigeration compressors. Establishing a rigid remanufacturing procedure, GFA quickly earned its rank as the premier remanufacturer in the industry. Our procedure has been adopted by the other remanufactures in the industry as well as the OEM’s.

40 years later GFA is remanufacturing AC and refrigeration compressors with same care and using the latest technology. Our quality and attention to detail has never wavered. Our staff consists of over 50 % having 20 years or more in the industry. The most impressive fact is there are 3 employees that have 35 plus years of experience, with two the employees being the original employees hired.

Today each GFA remanufactured compressor is backed by our 12 month standard warranty and over 40 years of expertise. Our outstanding customer service has been the cornerstone of GFA’s principles.

What makes GFA stand above the industry? Quality, Experience and Customer Service.