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Copeland Service Valves and Repair Parts

NOTE: As new part numbers become available they will be added to the website periodically. At this time there are no valve plates available for re sale on delta reed models only.

Crankcase Heater 4R, 4D, 6R, 6D 120VHTR-1526
Crankcase Heater 4R, 4D, 6R, 6D 240VHTR-1522
Crankcase Heater 4R, 4D, 6R, 6D 460VHTR-1524
Crankcase Heater 6D, 6R, 8D, 8R 120V Deep Sump3431
Crankcase Heater 6D, 6R, 8D, 8R 240V Deep Sump3432
Unloader StemVAL-1500
Unloader Coil-120VCOL-0120
Unloader Coil-240VCOL-0240
Kriwan Module 120V/240V (for Copeland)INT-369R
Terminal Accessory Kit-External 4R-6R5017
Mounting Kit 4D-6R 20-30 Ton W/Flat Pan360
Mounting Kit 6D & 6R 35 Ton W/Flat Pan362
Mounting Kit 6D-8R 30-60 Ton W/Deep Sump363
Terminal Board Assy. 4R-8DASSY-1582
Terminal Bd. Repair Kit 4R-8D (9/4 LDS)KIT-1582
Terminal Bd Repair Kit 9R ( 3 Main 2 O/L Leads)KIT-1576
Terminal Bd ASSY 9R ( 3 Main 2 O/L Leads)ASSY-1576
Terminal Bd Assy 3 Lead Flat- 3D 10 ton and aboveASSY-1577
Oil Pump-Copeland SentronicPMP-1515
Valve Plate MRF & MRHPLT-1517
Valve Plate MRAPLT-1523
Valve Plate MRBPLT-1550
Valve Plate 9RA-9RC-9RP-9RS, (except 9RS1) 7.5, 10 HPPLT-1508
Valve Plate 9RB, 9RJ 5, 7.5 HPPLT-1509
Valve Plate 9RS1, 9RTPLT-1545
Valve Plate 4RA-1000, 6RA-2000PLT-1500
Valve Plate 4RH, 4RH-1500PLT-1551
Valve Plate 4RH, 4RK-1500, 6RH, 6RK-2500PLT-1551
Valve Plate 4RL & 6RLCP-49
Valve Plate 4R-2000, 6R-3000PLT-1552
Valve Plate 4RR, 6RJ, 6RRPLT-1560
Gasket Kit MRKIT-1525
Gasket Kit 9RKIT-1530
Gasket Kit 4R & 6RKIT-1535
Gasket Kit 4RJ & 6RJKIT-1540
Gasket 4D & 6DKIT-1537
Gasket Kit 8DKIT-1587
Gasket Kit 8RKIT-1585

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please call us at (706) 687-1394!